Sunday 14 April 2013

Apr 14/13 - Seriously where is spring??

   I think by now the patience of every person including myself waiting for nice weather has worn transparently thin. It's mid-April and the weather is still hovering in the single digits nearly every day. The days that have been relatively nice are nothing to write home about either. With my triathlon season a mere 9 weeks away and only a few outdoor bike rides under my belt I can't help but wonder how prepared I'll be. I still have a few weeks left for improvement so I'll continue to try my best and see what I can make happen. I have however made a conscious decision a few weeks ago to really try to just simply enjoy this season. What I have learned is that endurance sports and even sprinting sports like a short distance race demand the physical abilities that only come with a long building process. It's not like skateboarding was for me. If I wanted a trick bad enough I could usually go out and learn it within a day or two at the most. It was more about determination and repetition. To get faster and go further you just have to keep chipping away at it day by day, week by week, month by month and so on. This season is to see where I am in relation to the more elite level athletes in my age group and to gain experience in racing. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

   Due to my heavy training the previous weekend and dismal weather conditions on Monday I called it a rest day. Nothing to see here folks, now let's move along.
The Hortonator

   Tuesday night Christine decided to join me for some weight training. I've done some personal training through the years and love helping someone reach a higher level of athleticism. I thought we'd try something a little different and we joined Tony Horton in his P90X Ab Ripper video. I'm a multiple P90X survivor and it truly is a great workout system. The key to it is there is no bologna. It's honest to goodness weight and core training. It is also one of the toughest workouts you can do. I highly recommend it if you want to get into incredible shape and feel like you're going to die on a daily basis. All hail T Horton! I took Chris through a couple rounds of a weight training circuit following the total destruction of our abs. It was so fantastic to have a workout partner again!

Remember how the rain cloud followed them?
 Wednesday the rain was looming over Hamilton like The Gruesomes from the Flintstones. I didn't give a shit though because all day at work I had running on my mind. As I pulled into home it seemed we had a brief reprieve from April showers and I took my window of opportunity. I had something different in mind to keep things fresh for myself. I took a run through downtown Hamilton. Up and down stairs, through the art gallery and city hall, then a spin around the top of Jackson Square. From there it was down to Bayfront park before heading up brutal Longwood hill to make my way home. It was 12km in total, but I only timed 10km and jogged the last 2km home. Even with all the stairs, twists, turns and hills I had run a sub 50:00 minute 10km. It was a personal record of 47:56 and with a goal to break 45:00 this summer at Moon in June I was on pace for that to happen

   Thursday and I coaxed Chris into joining my for a swim. She has the most beautiful and powerful legs ever, throwing down lap after lap of flutter-board madness. We even sneaked in the Go Pro for some underwater footage for me to critique my technique later. I did a lot of work on my kick as well that night because I'm still slower than a three-toed sloth in a speedo. 

   By Friday Chris and I were so exhausted we passed out at 9pm. Yeah we know how to party, don't mess with us.

   Saturday morning was cold and wet. What's that you say? Perfect day for a long trail run? But of course. I had a late start, but headed out to Milton to run at Hilton Falls Conservation Area where I had one of my first trail runs with Chris last year. After being stopped by the same train twice due to a poorly designed, winding road I arrived to find it closed. Power outage due to the weather apparently. Next I drove to Kelso, another bust and the gates were closed. Last chance was Rattlesnake Point nearby and as luck would have it open for business! I ran a 7.5km out and back in my New Balance trail runners, then returned to my truck to try my Vibram Five Finger Spyridon. It's the Vibram trail shoe and comes with an insert in the mid sole to protect your arch from rocks and roots. All I can say is totally amazing and I even took the Go Pro out for company. Feels like running barefoot through the woods. Only issue was it was 5C, wet, muddy and began to rain ice pellets. Still a great way to spend a Saturday morning. 15km in 90 minutes.

   Sunday I was on my own. Chris and Steph were volunteering at the Paris to Ancaster Race so I had lost my riding partner for the day. I had just modified my road bike by chopping 3 inches of width off them and couldn't wait to try it out. I hit the road and headed up to Ancaster to hang out at the race for a bit. I had originally planned on entering, but it was too many races for one month. Riders came in covered head to toe in mud and totally exhausted. I have to admit I was a little bummed that I missed out on the fun. Chilled with Chris while she sold souvenir t-shirts in front of a country band with a lead singer in skin tight sparkle pants. Wtf? Yep my cue to leave. Round trip was 26km in 1:02:05. The evening had the two of us at Bayfront park for a short barefoot run, Chris' first! She did awesome and only one blister. We also got a free show from a couple so drunk they could barely stand. Actually the girl couldn't and repeatedly ended up on the ground. It's the little reminders that make us feel so glad we no longer drink. Yes we may seem boring or a pair of sticks in the mud, but we never lose a morning or day to a hangover. My party years are behind me now and it seems like my life has only gotten better!

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  1. So what if we are boring because we don't drink. We can be boring sticks in the mud together.
    The workout, The swim, The barefoot run... are we a sappy HAPPY couple or what?!