Friday 8 February 2013

tale of the Tape - My Stats!

January 2013

    I'm not even sure why I thought this was a good idea to write a blog about my stats. I'm hoping that putting my base or starting numbers out there will be additional motivation for me to push my training and provide great results. My plan is to update this every few months to show my progress. The stats will provide my personal speed and time records, as well as my body stats. This way the chart provides no where for me to hide. My progress good or bad will be up for all to see. My body has already changed considerably over my first 6 months of training. On the left is my "Rich Roll" photo (it's the same pose one of my racing heroes used for his book Finding Ultra, but that's another post!). I'm currently 38 years old and will be turning 39 in April. I feel as though with my current diet, training results and body stats I'm the healthiest I've ever been and in the best shape of my entire life.

Here are my stats current as of February 1, 2013:

Body Stats Running
Height: 6' 1000m (1km) 3:49
Weight: 150lbs 3km 12:10
Body Fat %: 4 5km 21:52
Resting Heart Rate: 45 10km 52:52
Max Heart Rate: 181 21.1km 2:06:22
VO2MAX: unknown 30km -
Furthest Distance: 27km
Cycling Swimming
Trainer 25m Pool
Avg. Speed 23km/h 100m 1:55
10km 25:58 750m 16:39
20km - 1000m -
30km 1:26:50 Furthest Distance: 2550m
40km -
Furthest Distance: 56km

   I thought I'd include for entertainment purposes a list of my injuries from the past 25 years as a skateboarder.

10 complete knockouts and concussions 
(yes I am aware of how bad that is, but they weren't planned!), on the last one I couldn't figure out how to operate my socks...
1 of these included a fractured skull, hours of blindness from brain swelling and 10 stitches
3rd degree spearation in my right shoulder - 4 months recovery
Chipped 5 teeth and 6 stitches in my chin
Broken nose
Broken bursa sacs in both elbows
Right elbow fracture
Right thumb fracture
Spiral fracture in 7 places left thumb and wrist
Left wrist fracture
Dislocated right hip - 3 months recovery
Torn medial meniscus in right knee - 2 months recovery
Torn ligament left ankle - 2 months recovery
Torn ligament right ankle - 3 months recovery
Torn ACL in right knee - 2 months recovery
Torn ACL & PCL in right knee - 5 months recovery
Heel fractures both feet
Acute Onset Achilles tendonitis (left or skateboarding "push foot") - 6 months recovery, including laser treatments
Chronic patella tendinitis in both knees
As well as a plethora of cuts, bruises and contusions

  Just a few of the reasons it was time to try to excel at a different sport...


  1. You are fast and fit and all mine ;).
    There is so much I've learned already from you and I'm excited to document this journey with you. I'm glad you are into a less injury-related obsession now. Yes, OBSESSION!

  2. man, you're much faster than me at the shorter distances.
    my 5k is 23:06, but my 10km is 48:31 (i think 31), and my half is 1:49:41. you'll catch up, but i don't want that! i need to get better at my shorter races. my bay is 2:39:08! see ya at the race:)

  3. Ok we need to do a half ironman relay. With my swimming, Scully's cycling and your running speed - we would kick ass!

  4. 4% BODY FAT? Dude, you are my hero.

  5. Cool way to track all your results! You are fast as those short distances, just think what the longer ones will look like soon. I am impressed with the injury list, I thought mine was long but yours kicks ass :)