Sunday 10 February 2013

Feb 10/13

   I can't wait for spring... Since the only time I spend outdoors is training for a few hours a week or my commute to work, the days and weeks have blended into a haze of darkness and training stats. At least it's been light until almost 6pm this week so I am beginning to feel a glimmer of hope.

Down to business.

Monday the boss had to take the day off so I read for a long while. I'm hooked on Chris McDougall's "Born To Run". If you're a serious runner you're probably saying to yourself "WTF took this guy so long??" Either way, it's blowing my mind. It has now proven to me at least two things. We are born to run, using a forefoot strike (in bare feet preferably) and that one of the guys who started Nike, Bill Bowerman screwed everyone up by deciding we could run better as heal strikers, then creating a shoe and a market to do just that. Thanks Bill...  
   In the afternoon I traded out my usual weight training for a strength training yoga session. It's not the kind of yoga people usually think of. Lots of time holding plank and warrior postures, pouring sweat with every muscles trembling with strain. Then on the bike to bang off 15km. Great day, but my old friend gastritis, a sometimes debilitating stomach condition returned for the night. I'll speak more about this issue in some up coming post. Just know for now that it seems to show up whenever it wants and reduces me to the fetal position for between one hour and twelve.

   Tuesday Is my usual night off to recuperate  Not much to say here except more book enjoyment and motivation.

   Wednesday I went for a 5km full out race pace run. Another PR! 21:20! I'm finally creeping up on my goal of breaking the 20 minute mark, putting me under a 4:00min/km pace. It was super cold though and my lungs got burned. Coughed for the next 12 hours.

   Thursday was back in the pool and I went for another 750m pace swim after a good warm up. Still trying desperately to get my times down. I made it in 16:17, so another best time for me, but still quite lousy in comparison to what I'll have to do to be competitive this season.

   Friday I was home for the day due to the nice snow drop we received from mother nature. I used it to put a 25km trainer ride down in an 1:10 while watching a movie about Dean Karnazes where he does 50 marathons in each of the 50 states in 50 days. Uhm, yeah... who does that?

Try running 23km in these conditions!
   Saturday not to be outdone by mother nature I pushed myself outside for my long run. In a great suggestion from Chris I ran right from our cabin, through Hamilton and along the North Shore hill section where Around the Bay will take place. 23km in the snow in just over 2:20. I felt good when I got home, but it was a huge struggle for me and none of the sidewalks or streets were clear yet. More like a crazy trail run than anything else. My legs have finally adjusted, but the balls of my feet are still sore after a long one.

   Sunday I went for my first coaching session with a great lady we'll call Mrs. S, as I'm not sure how she would feel about being mentioned by name. She is a seasoned triathlete with a good reputation as a coach. She put me through some awesome drills I had never seen before in order to help repair my still amateur swim technique. I did my best to comply, but my brain was overloaded trying to think of so many details at once. I'm going to need some practice with them.

Until next time...

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