Wednesday 13 February 2013

2013 Race Season Schedule

   Ok I know this is my first year in racing, so I may have gone a little overboard. I have to say though that anyone who knows me will testify to this character attribute, so why would it be any different now! 

   I have already registered for a number of these races and will mark the tentative ones with an asterisk (*). The only reason I haven't registered for these are because the registration hasn't opened yet, but I'll be first inline, online when they do.

   So here it is. An ambitious first year in Racing. I really wanted a good mix of races. Quite a few 5km running and sprint distance Tri's which is where I want to be. I really don't have a drive for distance or endurance yet, it's more about speed and power right now. I want to be more like a drag race than a Daytona 500. I have 3 half marathons spaced throughout the season. I still feel like I can work up to a decent speed over 21.1km. The idea for Around the Bay 30km was started back when I met Christine, as it was something we could do together. We began the training, but she quickly realized cycling was where she needed to focus her attention and decided not to run. Since I started training for it and it's what has motivated me to the point of half marathon distance I'm going to see it through. 

   Eighteen races is the total (I'm not counting Tough Mudder as a race), commencing February and coming to completion in December. It's almost 2 per month.

   Here goes nothin' as they say...

Sun Feb 24/12 Run Grimsby 3K Grimsby, ON 3km
Sun Mar 3/13 Run Chilly Half Burlington, ON 21.1km
Sun Mar 24/13 Run Around the Bay Hamilton, ON 30km
Sat Apr 6/13 Run Jordan 5k Jorndan, ON 5km
*Sat Apr 20/13 Run - Trail Head for the Hills St.Catharines, ON 5km
Sat May 11/13 Obstacle Tough Mudder Mnt St. Louie ON
Sat May 25/13 Run Whitby Half Marathon Whitby, ON 21.1km
*Sat June 1/13 Run Moon in June Burlington, ON 10km
*Sat June 15/13 Tri - Sprint Guelph Lake Tri Guelph, ON 750m/20km/5km
Sat July 13/13 Run Beamsville Bench Beamsville, ON 5km
*Sun July 28/13 Tri - Sprint Niagara Triathalon Grimsby, ON 750m/25km/7km
Sun Aug 25/13 Tri - Off Road Mine Over Matter Kelso CC Milton, ON 500m/7.5km/4.9km
*Sat Sep 7/13 Tri - Sprint Wasaga Tri Wasaga Beach, ON 750m/20km/5km
Sun Sep 15/13 Run Run for the Grapes St. Catharines 21.1km
*Sun Oct 13/13 Run Turkey Trot Oakville, ON 5km
Sun Oct 27/13 Run Halloween 7km Stoney Creek, ON 7km
Sat Nov 9/13 Run Casablanca Classic Grimsby, On 3km
*Sun Nov 24/13 Run Santa Shuffle Hamilton, ON 5km
*Sun Dec 1/13 Run Tannenbaum Toronto, ON 10km

   Wow now that I see it all written out like that it does seem a little crazy. All I can do is train hard and give it my best on race day. I will be posting outcomes on my blog as they happen.

   Let the madness begin...


  1. i'll see you at the chilly half and bay!!
    you completely missed mississauga half/full, first sunday in may! it's my favourite race:)

  2. I'm going to be there at every race that I can make it to. Documenting and cheering you on no matter what.
    It's going to be a busy summer to say the least ;)