Sunday 20 January 2013

January 20/13

   Not too much to report this week. Tough week at work with long hours so I missed a few days. The half marathon distance took it's toll on my legs, so not to repeat past mistakes I removed last Mondays 5km tempo run. 

   Tuesday was back in the gym doing core and strength training. Although most athletes hate lifting weights, I had fallen in love with it in my late teens. I love the way I feel after a good workout. Feeling proud of your physic and loving what you see in the mirror is priceless. I also feel strength training has given me an advantage or other athletes for years, but most definitely now in my late thirties.

   Wednesday it was back to running. Cold, cold night and the wind was absolutely mind boggling.  My goal was for a PR (personal record) on my 10km run. I wanted to break 50 minutes, but mother nature had a different suggestion and at points had me running into the wind like I was on a treadmill. I did get a PR though with a 52:52! I know I can go a lot faster, but all good things in time I suppose. 

   Thursday was a particular tough and long day at work and I came home barely able to stand, another day off. 

   Friday it was back to the pool, but Ryerson Rec Center threw a monkey wrench into the gears of my plans and was "closed due to maintenance". Oh well, turned out for the best as I had a good amount of rest for Saturday.
Sweating on my trainer

   Saturday it was time for a "brick"! That's bike, then run workout in "tri" speak. I'm working into this slowly on my long distance run days, as I have mentioned before that running this season is my priority. A 10km tempo, (lets call it race-pace) ride on my trainer to warm up for just under an hour, then to the Harbour Front for an attempt at 24km. That would be 3km added to last week. As soon as my feet hit pavement I could tell I felt great, so I bumped my 0.25km breaks from 3km to 4km. This means every 4km I would walk briskly for a 250m, than back to my 6:13min/km pace. this would cut out 2 breaks this week and bump me up by 3km total distance. Well it was a long run, but no calf pain. I was feeling good and enjoying the 6C weather, so I decided to keep going. I ended up running 26km! I removed 2 breaks and added 5km to my distance this week. Pretty good. Satisfied, I went home to collapse for the evening with Chris.

   This morning I was exhausted (Sunday). I was so sore I had trouble sleeping through the night, but the show must go on. Masters swim class today. I Met some really nice age groupers, (that's "tri" speak for older triathletes) today. I will say this about the sport, the athletes seem genuinely enthused when new people come into the sport. Everyone I have spoken to has made me feel incredibly welcomed. An interesting difference from skateboarding where many of the athletes are territorial and clique-ish. I was no different as a skateboarder either. 2100m later, 100m further than my personal best and it was home to get back on the bike trainer. a 30 minute, gut busting interval workout and I was totally destroyed. by the 20 minute mark I wished I had a gun to shoot my Garmin or myself or both. It was 30 seconds all out with 1 minute recovery. Let me say 30 seconds has never been so long and a minute so short.

   Time for rest, good recovery meals, stretching and foam rolling. Tomorrow starts another week.

   I can't wait!

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