Saturday 12 January 2013

12 Pics on the 12th Day of January 2013

   This is something that was inspired by my girlfriend Chris. Every month on the 12th day she takes 12 photos. I have been going through skate footage shot during the last year or so using my Go Pro camera and thought it would be cool to post 12 still frames. Just a reminder to me and my friends that I didn`t quit skateboarding, just a change of where I focus some of my attention...

Crooked grind on my portable bench.

This bench is always in my truck and has seen tons of action. Lipslide 

One of the oldest steel ramps around, Hamilton represent! Frontside ollie with my buddy Sal

My old local skate spot in Burlington. Frontside rock on the steep barrier

The Shwa! Oshawa Park gap ollie

Crazy multiple skatepark trip day with my Buddy Keith. 7 that day I think... Frontside boneless at Ajax, long live the old school!

I`ve never been known for my tech, but there`s a few tricks at the bottom of the bag. Backside kickflip the hip at Port Dover.

Port Dover pivot to fakie on the skinny extension. No room for error here.

Awesome ramp built by my buddy Rob Fraser. He moved so it`s gone now R.I.P. Frontside feeble to fakie

Go Pro Cameras are amazing. Tiny, HD video, water proof and mountable on anything. Just holding it in the palm of my hand. Switch feeble to fakie

Crazy skatepark trip day again. Port Hope. Little town, big park. Frontside boardslide

Last, but not least. My favorite park and many others` fave too. The almighty Waterdown Bowl. Frontside smith

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  1. Nice pics Bud can't wait to get together for another great sk8 session soon...Sure miss my old ramp..Team Danger 4 Life...Ribber